Poverty, Inc. now available on DVD and On-Demand!

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Buy your copy today on Amazon!

Buy your copy today on Amazon!

Dear Friends,

Today is the big day: Poverty, Inc. is now available on AmazonAmazon On-DemandiTunes, and other platforms. See the "Buy" tab at the top right corner of our website for a full list. Note: the film is currently only available in North America but international availability will be coming soon.

I'll never forget our premiere at the Austin Film Festival. A health professional named Dani from Cameroon came up to us in tears and said, "Today, I am so proud to be an African woman." 

For me, this captures the essence of the film: to affirm the dignity and creative potential of our friends in developing countries.

We filmed over 200 interviews in 20 countries for Poverty, Inc. Today we are honored by the opportunity to introduce you to some of the amazing people we met, whose stories shaped our perspectives. 

People like Alex Georges and Jean Ronel Noel, co-founders of a Haitian solar panel start-up that employs over 60 men and women, many from some of the roughest areas of Port-au-Prince.

And Shelley and Corrigan Clay, adoptive parents whose original plan start an orphanage evolved into an enterprise employing over 200 mothers and fathers who can now provide for their own children.

We've screened the film in over 40 festivals, 100 universities, and 160 cities. We are excited that you can now watch Poverty, Inc. your own home.

Thank you for your support.

Michael Matheson Miller
Director | Producer

P.S.  Public screenings still play a crucial role in affecting the cultural change the film calls for. Please consider sponsoring or requesting an Educational Edition (K-12, universities, libraries), purchasing a Community License for your organization, orcrowdsourcing a screening at your local theater. Email Josephine at screenings@povertyinc.org to learn more.

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