Poverty, Inc. "making waves." Opportunities to get involved.

A letter from Director-Producer Michael Matheson Miller

Dear Friends of Poverty, Inc.,

Thank you for joining our short-list of people committed to a cultural shift in charity and development. If you can spare a moment of your time, I'd like to share some exciting developments and opportunities to get involved.

“Making waves.”

Next month Poverty, Inc. will screen at IDFA Amsterdam - the biggest documentary festival in the world. 

It’s been selected to the Best of Fests category of “films that have made waves on the international circuit this year.”  We’ve now played in over 40 film festivals including Michael Moore’s invitation-only Traverse City Film Festival.

Students are stepping up with screenings at Stanford, MIT, Yale, Northwestern, UPenn, Notre Dame, Cornell, and others. Last week our fifth screening at Harvard drew over 350 people for the kick off of "Africa Week" at Harvard Business School.

We’re just getting started.

Tomorrow night in New York City we launch an exciting screenings partnership with Whole Foods and Whole Planet Foundation.

Over the next 10 days, Poverty, Inc. plays in 16 cities including San Francisco, Washington DC, Denver, and Austin.

Co-Producer Mark Weber is deferring graduate school at MIT to travel the country in a van on our national screening tour starting tomorrow.

See our full list of screenings and email screenings@povertyinc.org if you’d like to bring Poverty, Inc. to your city.

Get involved.

To drive meaningful change, we need thought leaders to organize screenings and engage influencers.

Sponsoring a screening starts at $300 through our distributor Tugg.

You can also crowdsource a screening for free by rallying 70-80 people to buy tickets or pulling together 2-3 sponsors to buy tickets and give them out.

If you’re at a school, ask your school librarian to purchase the educational edition ($295 for universities; $95 for K-12).

If you’re on Facebook, take a moment to share the trailer and website on your wall.

Thanks for being engaged with us in this effort. We hope to see you at a screening soon!

All the best,

Michael Matheson Miller
Director | Producer