Poverty, Inc. wins $100,000 Templeton Freedom Award

Director / Producer Michael Matheson Miller.

Director / Producer Michael Matheson Miller.

Exciting news: last night Poverty, Inc. was honored with the $100,000 Templeton Freedom Award presented by the Atlas Network.

We are truly grateful for this special recognition of the principles of human flourishing the film presents.

After years of hard work making this film, there is a natural temptation to relax and feel good about the 40 film festival honors, awards, and high profile screenings. On behalf of our team, I wish to convey that we remain humble and committed.

As you have heard us say time and again, Poverty, Inc. does not portend to offer silver bullets or one-size-fits-all solutions. It is about principles. We view these awards as positive feedback that these principles are indeed resonating in the hearts and minds of people around the world and making inroads into our culture. 

Changing culture is no small task. There is much work yet to be done.

I invite you to join this effort by organizing a screening in your community, for your school, or for your organization. Email our screenings manager Jo at info@povertyinc.org to get started.

Thank you,

Mark Weber

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