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You’ll never look at poverty and the Third World the same again.
— Michael Moore, Filmmaker
Moving. I confess there were parts where I cried.
— Russ Roberts, EconTalk
You made me so proud to be an African woman. 
Thank you for the brutal but necessary and empowering truth.
— Dany Masado, Health Professional | Cameroon


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POVERTY, INC. has earned over 40 international film festival honors including a "Best of Fests" selection to IDFA Amsterdam - the biggest documentary festival in the world.


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Compulsory viewing for anyone interested in social issues.
— Rathna Ramamurthi, India | Harvard Law School
The film had an incredible impact on all of us. I will definitely operate differently in the field.
— Myra Khan, Pakistan | World Bank

Michael Matheson Miller and Simon Scionka (Director of Photography) capturing the beautiful landscapes of Ghana.

Michael Matheson Miller and Simon Scionka (Director of Photography) capturing the beautiful landscapes of Ghana.

Meet the filmmakers

Michael Matheson Miller (Director / Producer) is a research fellow at the Acton Institute. He writes and speaks extensively on issues of development, political economy, religion, and culture. He previously directed and produced the PovertyCure DVD Series and was the founding director of the PovertyCure initiative, which has grown to 1.2 million Facebook fans and 388 partner organizations spanning 144 countries. A former professor philosophy and political science in Nicaragua, Michael holds masters degrees in international development, international business, and philosophy.

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